Activities in Verzasca Valley
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The clay court in Sonogno is likely to be set in the most beautiful surrounding you've ever had a chance to play. The surface is clay and it's recommended to make a reservation. You can also purchase 6-entry tickets in case you're staying in the valley more than just a few days.
Indepth Outthere Adventures - Canyoning-Ticino Let us take you into the thrilling canyons of the Swiss Riviera.... Experience canyoning...sliding, jumping, rappelling and exploring some of nature's most beautiful hidden places in the valleys around Locarno.
Canyoning - sizzling, sparkling adventure in the spectacular mountain rivers and waterfalls of Switzerland. Breathtaking, wild and emotional as life itself. Trekking Team specialises in canyoning in Ticino, known as the ¨Eldorado of Switzerland¨. This is our home base and many of the local canyons were first explored, mapped and made safe by Trekking Team guides. We know the local waters and are able to offer the most extensive ion of safe tours, ranging from scenic, step in tours up to intensive trips, with decents of over 100 meters.
A very popular diving place. The depth of the cave is around 10m. See for more details.
World's second highest commercial bungee jump, features in the opening scene of the James Bond 007 movie GoldenEye. You can jump between April and October, reservations are recommended.
The most famous bathing / swimming spot in Verzasca is next to the famous bridge Ponte dei Salti. The current is very slow here (the underwater cave has the depth of 10m) although you should always be very careful when entering the river. The turquoise water is always cold and refreshing.
A great spot for bathing, most of the time the river is very quiet here and there's a nice tiny sandy beach. This is not a popular place so it's always very quiet, also in high season. You can get there from the main street by crossing the bridge 200m after Osteria Motta (between Lavertezzo and Brione) or from the hiking path on the other side of the river.
Aperto dal 1° maggio al 31 ottobre, tutti i giorni dalle ore dalle 13.00 alle 17.00. Il museo di Val Verzasca si trova a Sonogno in una vecchia abitazione verzaschese che si affaccia sulla piazza del villaggio: la Casa Genardini. Dal 1974 ospita una collezione comprendente circa un migliaio di oggetti che rispecchiano la vita quotidiana di un tempo. 
RatingExcursionDifficultyTimeDistanceAltitude difference
Sonogno - Secada - CabioiMedium 30min3.7km160m
Brione - Val OsolaMedium 25min4.2km220m
Lavertezzo - Brione - Frasco - SonognoMedium1h13.6km382m
Sonogno - Froda - Fraced (Val Redorta)Hard 20min2.5km139m
Gordola - Contra Dam - Vogorno - LavertezzoHard11.7km312m