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Lavertezzo - Brione - Frasco - Sonogno
  • DifficultyMedium
  • Altitude difference382m
  • Distance13.6km
  • Time1h
As with the lower section of the Verzasca Valley road, this bike trip is best done outside of the high summer season, or early in the morning before the heat and traffic pick up (around 10am). You follow the main road which unfortunately is rather narrow and with no special bike lane. Make sure you stay on the side of the road and always wear a helmet.

The upper part of the valley is more interesting than the lower one, also with possibilities to extend the trip with much wilder side trips to Val Osola (from Brione) and Val Redorta or Val Vegorness (from Sonogno).

The first section (Lavertezzo - Brione) is rather difficult (because of a big hill close to Brione) with 220m of altitude difference. The second one (Brione - Sonogno), of about the same distance and 160m of altitude difference seems much easier as the altitude difference is more evenly distributed.

If you manage to do this trip when the traffic is low (which means all day long outside of high season and the morning hours of high season), it's very enjoyable, giving you an opportunity to experience the valley in many aspects, the pictoresque villages, the river, mountains and waterfalls along the way. There are also a few spots to get drinking water from the fountains next to the road and a grocery store in Brione.
Villages, restaurants and mountain huts along this hike
Village Lavertezzo   Village Brione   Village Gerra   Village Frasco   Village Sonogno   
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