Contra Dam - Lignasca - Berzona - Vogorno - San Bartolomeo - Corippo
  • DifficultyHiking path (easy)
  • Altitude at start/end point502m - 563m
  • Max. altitude800m
  • Time3h 45min
This is another alternative route from the dam up the valley to Corippo. It is similar in nature to the hike via Mergoscia with the difference that it takes you right through the beautiful villages of Berzona, Vogorno and San Bartolomeo where you can stop at the restaurants or simply enjoy these picturesque towns. Even though the altitude difference is only 60m, you very often climb up then down the hills, and this is why the hikes takes a bit longer than you might think. You often have amazing view points along the way as a reward for the efforts needed to climb up the hills. Note that if you wish to continue the hike to Lavertezzo or further, this is the faster of the two routes as you can bypass Corippo saving about 45min. Still, if you haven't been to Corippo, this beautiful medieval village is definitely worth a little detour.
Villages, restaurants and mountain huts along this hike
Village Contra Dam   Village San Bartolomeo   Village Berzona   Village Vogorno   Village Corippo   
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