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  • Altitude (m)918
  • shoppingPanetteria "Mella" - specialità ticinesi, pane Verzasca, pane alle castagne, pane di segale, miele ticinese, farina, amaretti, diverse torte, bibite
    Bäckerei "Mella" - Tessiner Spezialitäten, Kastanienbrot, Roggenbrot, Tessiner Hönig, Mehl, Amaretti, verschiedene Kuchen, Getränke
    Bakery "Mella" - specialties from Ticino, Verzasca bread, chestnut bread, rye bread, honey, flour, amaretti cookies, various cakes, soft drinks, etc.
It's the very last village in Verzasca but well worth the effort to get there. Here you'll find the most interesting hikes, a sports center offering both summer and winter activities, possibilities for biking, snowshoeing, nordic skiing etc. The valley splits here into Redorta and Vegornesso, both very wild and beautiful. The village itself is very pretty, especially in the summer, and its grotti and restaurants offer great traditional food.
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