Sonogno - Capanna Cognora - Laghetto - Cala - Chironico
  • DifficultyMountain path (medium)
  • Altitude at start/end point918m - 787m
  • Max. altitude2111m
  • Time8h
The hike starts out as an easy walk from Sonogno to Cabioi. Just before Cabioi you start climbing the mountain on the right side of Val Vegorness. The climb is very step and by the time you reach Capanna Cognora you only made a little over 1km of distance and 1km of altitude difference. Capanna Cognora is well equipped so you can take a small break while enjoying breathtaking views of the valley below.

From Capanna Cognora you continue along an enjoyable path with great views all along to Passo di Piatto, the highest point of the hike (2111m). There you leave Verzasca behind and you cross over to the side of Val Chironico and Valle Leventina. The first part of the descent takes you down to the lake Laghetto. If you're hiking late or early in the season, be careful, as the path can be slippery and covered with some snow (it's on the northern slope well hidden from the sun).

After reaching Laghetto, you continue on a relatively steep path down to Regada, where for the first time on this hike you enter the forest. In a small village of Cala (1467m) you can see how the architecture changes between Val Verzasca and Valle Leventina. The path then continues down to Chironico, rather steep in the first sectiond and flat and paved in the second one.

Unfortunately getting back to Sonogno requires taking 3 buses and a train, and some 2.5h.
Villages, restaurants and mountain huts along this hike
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