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Lavertezzo - Revöira - Motta
  • DifficultyMountain path (medium)
  • Altitude at start/end point530m - 620m
  • Max. altitude940m
  • Time2h
A short and easy but beautiful hike. You start in the beautiful Lavertezzo and after a 15min climb you arrive in the fraction of Sambugaro where you can admire a large grouping of rustical houses. You then continue on through the forest to Revöira, a beautiful grouping of houses at the altitude of just over 900m. You need to walk up to the village which is not strictly along the hiking trail. It's only 3 or 5 min away and well worth it. Each house here has a basin next to it used in the past to catch the rain water because of lack of other water sources. From the surface of the roof, the water was transported to the basins using wooden tubes. These basins, carved by hand in stone, are very unique in Ticino. You can only imagine being up there how much work was required to first transport the huge boulders and then carve them into the shape of the basins.

From here you decend down to Motta where you can enjoy food and drinks at the restaurant. There's a bus stop if you wish to take a bus back to Lavertezzo or you can walk a hundred meters or so up the valley, then cross across the bridge to the other side and follow an easy and nice path back to Lavertezzo.

Villages, restaurants and mountain huts along this hike
Village Lavertezzo   
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