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Lavertezzo - Btta di Orgnana - Cangello - Capanna Nimi - Maggia
  • DifficultyMountain path (medium)
  • Altitude at start/end point540m - 333m
  • Max. altitude1955m
  • Time7h 45min
A very nice crossing from the Verzasca Valley to Maggia. Make sure you take enough water (we saw only one place where we could refill) and food and be prepared for a long climb (1500m from Lavertezzo to Cangello).
Leaving Lavertezzo, you cross the pretty bridge Ponte dei Salti and follow the trail towards Brione. After some 15 min you'll see a sign for Pizzo d'Orgnana and at this point you take a left and follow what seems a neverending climb up the hill. Most of the way you go through the woods with occasional views of Valle Verzasca. Some 2.5h and 800m higher you get out of the woods and keep climbing up a beautiful valley with a few abandoned rusticos and a very pretty alpine pond, Btta. di Orgnana. Just above the little lake you get to Cangello, the highest point of this hike (you're over 1500m higher than Lavertezzo).
From here you can enjoy breathtaking views across both valleys. From here the hike becomes easy and gives you great views as you approach Capanna Nimi. Here the very friendly owner will be happy to offer you home-made cheese and you can also buy a nice cold beer.
Further on the gentle decent continues for another hour. Then, in Aiarlo, you can choose whether to hike down to Maggia or Gordevio, both ways are very steep and tiresome (the destination lies just above 300m of altitude).
Villages, restaurants and mountain huts along this hike
Village Lavertezzo   
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