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Via Alta della Verzasca
  • DifficultyAlpine path (hard)
  • Altitude at start/end point492m - 918m
  • Max. altitude2741m
  • Time6 days
Many people come from far away to take this 6-day hike, one of the wildest hikes you will find in Switzerland. Via Alta is a difficult hike, not for beginners. It goes along the ridge separating Val Verzasca from Valle Leventina, offering extraordinary views throughout the whole hike. You can sleep in the mountain huts along the way, the reservations are recommended in the high season.

Day 1. Vogorno - Pizzo di Vogorno - Capanna Borgna
Day 2. Capanna Borgna - Poncione di Piotta - Poncione dei Laghetti - Capanna Fumegna
Day 3. Capanna Fumegna - Cima Lunga - Cima di Gagnone - Capanna Efra
Day 4. Capanna Efra - Madom Gröss - Pizzo di Mezzodi - Capanna Cognora
Day 5. Capanna Cognora - Passo di Piatto - Pizzo della Bedeia - Rifugio Barone
Day 6. Rifugio Barone - Val Vegorness - Sonogno

If you don't have 6 days you can do only a part of the hike (after each section there's a possibility to descent down the valley).

You can download the hiking trail in the GPX or KML format.
Villages, restaurants and mountain huts along this hike
Village Vogorno   Village Sonogno   Accommodation Capanna Barone   Accommodation Capanna Borgna   Accommodation Capanna Cognora   Accommodation Capanna Alpe Fümegna   Accommodation Capanna Efra   Accommodation Capanna Cornavosa   
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