Lavertezzo - Btta di Rognoi - Pianca - Rienza - Vogorno
  • SchwerigkeitBergwanderweg (mittelschwerig)
  • Start und Ankunft Höhe536m - 495m
  • Max. Höhe2219m
  • Zeit8h 30min
This is a beautiful but very intensive hike (1683m of altitude difference going up and 1724m going down). The first section from Rancone (just above Lavertezzo) is not excessively steep and goes through thick forest along Val Carecchio. Then at the altitude of around 1200m you come out to beautiful and incredibly quiet Alpe Rognoi. The next section is steeper and looks like the end of the world. The silence there is absolute with no life in sight. This rather steep way up takes you to Btta. di Rognoi where if you get lucky you can get a nice view of Val della Porta and Alpe Mognora (we could only see the clouds at that point).

At Btta di Rognoi there is also a possibility to extend the hike through Pizzo di Vogorno (add around 1h 30min) or go to the Borgna mountain hut nearby.

The way down towards Rienza is very steep with unsufficient directions but offers very nice views of the valley below and Lago Maggiore. You then go through an attractive forest and what seems to be endless flights of steep stairs. By the time you get to Vogorno you will definitely feel your muscles along with the satisfaction of the hike.
Dörfer, Restaurants und Berghütten
Dorf Lavertezzo   Dorf Vogorno   
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