Lavertezzo - Pincascia - Alpe Fumegna - Lavertezzo
  • DifficultéItinéraire de montagne (moyen)
  • Altitude en début/fin point536m - 536m
  • Altitude max.1810m
  • Temps7h 30min
This hike starts out in Lavertezzo and follows a trail with great views through a tiny rustical village of Sambugaro. The trail then disappears in a thick forest for quite a while. This may be actually a great reason for doing this hike on a hot day where you'll be sheltered from the sun most of the way up.

About halfway up, you go through a beautiful meadow and can get a peak of a tiny village of Pincascia. Then there's a steep trail in the last section of forest you'll go through.

Once you leave the forest (at the altitude of around 1600m), you will be rewarded with awesome views of the top part of the valley. There you will also find a few rusticos grouped together in a small settlement where cheese is being produced. You can also follow the trail above Alpe Fumegna for a while for even more impressive views before heading back, or you can combine this hike with others.

Villages, restaurants et refuges de montagne en cours de route
Village Lavertezzo   Village Alpe Fumegna   
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