Brione - Alnasca - Gerra
  • DifficoltàSentiero escursionistico (facile)
  • Altitudine al punto di partenza e di arrivo756m - 808m
  • Altitudine max.808m
  • Tempo1h
In Brione the river and the trail completely change their nature. From a relatively steep ascent and huge boulders scattered thoughout the river below Brione, this section becomes much flatter, the river more peaceful and the stones much smaller. In the first section the path wanders away from the river taking you through picturesque green meadows with traditional rusticos scattered here and there. Here you get the feeling of being in the upper section of the valley, much more alpine in its nature than the lower part.
Paesi, ristoranti e capanne lungo la via
Paese Brione   Paese Gerra   
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