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Welcome to where you can find vast information about the Verzasca valley in the heart of Ticino, romantic rustici for rent, delicious food at local grottos and Verzasca's wild nature. Here you can make online reservations for accommodations in the valley, for the mountain huts and activities such as canyoning.

Rustic houses, apartments, rooms
Apartment in Sonogno, max 3 persons
Holiday house in Gerra, max 6 persons
Verzasca Rustici Sagl
Rustic house in Gerra, max 5 persons
ai Casell  
Holiday house in Sonogno, max 5 persons
Verzasca Rustici Sagl
Rustic house in Olivone, max 2 persons
Casa Blu  
Holiday house in Frasco, max 6 persons
Rustic house in Vogorno, max 5 persons
Apartment in Sonogno, max 2 persons
Verzasca Rustici Sagl
Rustic house in Olivone, max 4 persons
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Top rated restaurants in Verzasca
Restaurant Grotto Efra
Restaurant Osteria Sassello
Restaurant Osteria Corippo
Restaurant Osteria Paradiso
Restaurant Ristorante Posse
Top rated excursions in Verzasca
Excursion Gerra - Veld - Monte Valdo - Frasco
Excursion Cross Country Skiing Sonogno
Excursion Lavertezzo - Btta di Orgnana - Cangello - Capanna Nimi - Maggia
Excursion Lavertezzo - Btta di Rognoi - Pianca - Rienza - Vogorno
Excursion Sonogno - Secada - Cabioi
Excursion Brione - Val Osola
Excursion Frasco - Lago d'Efra - Passo del Gagnone - Scaiee - Corte di Fondo - Gerra
Excursion Sonogno - Puscen Negro - Passo di Redorta - Fadios - Lago di Tomeo - Broglio (Maggia)
Excursion Vogorno - Rienza - Btta di Rognoi - Pizzo di Vogorno - Alpe Bardughe - Corte Nuovo - Vo...
Excursion Vogorno - Corte Nuovo - Alpe Bardughe - Vogorno
Events in the valley